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We are an introduction agency in Cebu the Philippines and we can help you to find a Philippine woman for a serious relationship or marriage.  The Philippines is known for very beautiful caring women who are looking for a loving caring man to spend the rest of their life with. And Cebu is often said to have the most beautiful women in the Philippines.

Why use an introduction agency to find the right woman for you? 

Most guys from the USA, Canada, UK or Australia have only a couple of weeks to spend in the Philippines. We can help you to find women that are matched to you much faster than you can by yourself. In fact we will have up to three full time people working on your behalf, searching for the right woman and arranging dates for you. You’re a busy guy and you don’t have time to waste with women who don’t meet your requirements. We can help you to find that woman much faster as we are local people who know exactly how to find the most beautiful, intelligent, loving genuine women and arrange for them to date you!

When you come to the Philippines as a foreigner you are immediately a target for women who are just trying to scam you out of money or just want to marry a foreign guy to be able to live in a rich country. We can make sure you don’t have to deal with these women and instead just meet genuine pre-screened women who are matched to your requirements and looking for a serious loving relationship.

Find a Philippine bride - find the woman of your dreams

How exactly does it work?

You will first chat with us about your requirements. What are you looking for in a woman? What age range, can they have children, should they have a degree … all the basic requirements that you have. Then when you are ready, you need to make a commitment to come to Cebu to meet your dream women… We do not require any financial commitment from you up front. We realize that you don’t know us and we are in a foreign country, so we are not going to ask you for any money up front for our services. However we can’t start looking for the right woman for you until you show a commitment that you are serious. So once you have bought your ticket and committed to come to Philippines we will start looking and matching you to the right women!  We have a lot of very beautiful women waiting for you, however, it’s really important that we start matching you to women before you get here. We can also do background check to the woman that you would like to meet from and arrange your travel to Philippines.

Once you have shown us your ticket to Cebu, then we will start getting to work. We can send you some profiles that we think will match for you and you can start chatting with them through

When you arrive in the Philippines we will arrange for your date. We will arrange these meetings at the beginning of your trip, usually on the 2nd day after you arrive.  

No payment is required before you arrive

Once you show us that you have committed to come and have your airline ticket, we will start matching you with the right ladies and arranging for you to meet up with these ladies. We will be putting in a LOT of effort without any payment from your side, and we are doing this in good faith. So when you arrive, and after you feel comfortable with the services we are providing, we are expecting that you will make payment in full. Please respect the effort that we are putting in to help you find the woman of your dreams and come prepared to make payment once you feel comfortable with our services.

Standard Service

It is priced at USD $995 and includes introducing you to the 5 women who are matched to you. This should be enough for you to really make sure that you find the right woman for you. Remember that we are introducing you to women that are closely matched to YOUR REQUIREMENTS. If you tried to meet these women on the street you would have to meet hundreds of women just to find those 5 people that are matched to what you want. As part of this standard introduction service we will arrange to pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel. You will need to pay for your hotel, flights and any meals on your trip.

Applicable only in Cebu, Philippines

IntroAsia members will enjoy the VIP lifetime membership of

If you are serious about finding the right woman, an introduction agency is the right way to go.

If you’re not serious and just looking to have some fun, that’s fine and we’re probably not the right fit to work together. But if you are serious about finding a great woman, the love of your life, then an introduction agency is a much better, faster and easier way to find the woman that is suited to you. Imagine having our team working full time searching for the right woman for you. A team of local people who can look seriously for women that meet your criteria. Classy, beautiful, loving and intelligent women. You simply could not meet this caliber of women in a short trip to the Philippines without our help. We can help you to find the woman of your dreams.

About Us

Kimberly Delima founder of Intro Asia, started an Introduction Agency in Cebu Philippines in 2009. Intro Asia has 85% to 95% success stories helping men and women finding their dream partner in life. 

Kimberly and her team can help you to meet truly special ladies that are screened to match your requirements. Her team is ready to serve you and do whatever it takes to find the woman of your dreams.

About Kimberly 

Kimberly Delima is a degree holder who finished Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management. A very fashionably inclined personality, "fashionista" as described by many and also a model.

She is also a traveller, philanthropist and real estate agent/developer. A humble Christian Filipina from Cebu who's got the wit and rapport that certifies her yet another interest in life as she develops her entrepreneurial skills.

She is now at her best in helping people to find their dream mate, with the help of her expertise as a MATCH MAKER. A woman with substance indeed…

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